Florita believes the beauty of its boutique swimwear is nothing without the natural world in which it lives. 
This belief has meant careful research into materials and manufacture that cause as minimal environmental impact as possible, with suppliers sourced around Rio de Janeiro where our sustainable swimwear is made and manufacturers that prioritise conscious lines of production and minimised energy and water usage. Building a well-rounded, eco minded brand is a work in progress and we are constantly expanding our outlook to engage with initiatives through certified organisations working to minimise waste and detrimental impact from the factory to the design studio.


** Julia Almeida-Bailey designing collection III.

Júlia Almeida-Bailey creating the next collection.


  We created our famous vibrant scrunchies as an answer to the inevitable offcuts of fabric with another star product being our recycled PET canga sarongs that each make beautiful use of 14 PET bottles reclaimed and recycled within Brazil. The Amni Soul Eco® yarn used in the majority of our sustainable bikinis is an environmentally friendly polyamide that enables garments to decompose quickly in landfill sites which are increasingly stretched. It is our hope and belief that none of our environmental concerns compromise the ultimate beauty of our product, instead proving that our sustainable swimwear can be beautiful even before and after it is worn.